Last year I bought my first Flatbox lunch box for my son and he absolutely loved it! Not only was it super easy to use and clean but it was so great that my son could easily unzip it and use it as placemat to always ensure his eating area was clean and safe. I love everything about these lunch boxes, so much that they carry with us throughout the summer!

  As school comes to a close, we normally hang it all up, backpack, lunch box etc. With Flatbox we continue using ours and usually get new ones just for the summer. They are great for road trips, the beach and vacation of any kind! Its wonderful for the kids to have their own little bag of goodies while traveling. Its great for the airplane too, to layout as a placemat for extra safely from possible allergen residue.

The colors and material are beautiful!! They even work for adults on the go, you can bring them to work, on day trips or if your traveling in your car. Its great if you cannot find a clean surface to eat on, you just zip it open and there you have your own personalized placemat on the go!

These lunch boxes are by far my favorite and I could go on and on, but instead give them a try for yourself you will love them just as much as me!! To learn more about Flatbox visit them here.


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***all opinions expressed are my own***


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