One of our biggest adventures this summer, was our 3 week trip to North Myrtle Beach, SC. I have family there and have been visiting for many years. We love the beauty of the beaches and all there is offer. Since my son was diagnosed with food allergies, this was our second visit there, so this time I decided to dive more into the allergy friendly venues available to us.

We called ahead of time to most of the places we dined at, however just bopping around during the day at Barefoot Landing or Broadway At The Beach we would ask as we went. We carried all of our safe snacks and products with us throughout our trip to always be prepared. You can learn more about our favorites here. We always rent a condo with a full kitchen for convenience to be able to cook just in case no safe option is available.

While at Broadway At The Beach, we found Liberty Steak House, Ripleys, Ben and Jerry’s, and Johnny Rockets to all be very accommodating and allergy aware. The one place that tried to be accommodating was Paula Deen’s however they fry in Peanut Oil and as kind as they were, their information differentiated from person to person. I had emailed them and got a response of how they use different fryers but then when I spoke in person and over the phone they were unsure. For me personally a place that uses peanut oil is out of my comfort zone for cross contamination. Liberty Steak House offered safe items for our allergies such as Mac n Cheese, the staff was knowledgable and on top of it. Ripleys cafe also had safe options and a knowledgable staff. Ben and Jerry’s was a success too, they opened new ice cream containers with new scoopers and servers wore gloves. Johnny Rockets was a success for us as well showing us the ingredients on bread (we have a sesame allergy) so grilled cheese was a go for us. They use canola oil for frying french fries. The ice cream was not safe however, so no famous shakes for us.

At Barefood Landing our favorite place to dine was T Bonz Grill. The staff went above and beyond to show ingredients, check items for us and they had a protocol in place. A manager was sent over to us and we were asked if we wanted to speak to the chef. They used colored plates for allergy patrons. We were able to have their bread, and many items on the menu. They also offered gluten free items. Honestly we ate their for half the trip due to the amazing service and knowledge of the staff, and each time it was the same protocol. Kudos to T Bonz for a job well done training their staff. We ventured into It’s Sugar (which I was hesitant) and much to my surprise they offered many goodies that were allergy friendly. They had a Jelly Belly jelly bean bar, my son stocked up, and they had many products from the Wrigley company such as Tootsie Rolls. The girl working behind the counter had a peanut allergy herself and was extremely helpful in sharing information with us about how everything for the most part comes prepackaged and pointed out items she found safe. It was more of a success than I anticipated.

I highly recommend visiting The Alabama Theatre while in North Myrtle Beach, not only was their snack bar offering safe items and the staff was knowledgable the show is amazing! Wonder Works was another success for us. Their cafe had many options that were available for us to choose from. I was impressed by the knowledge of their staff as well.

Located right near the beach is Hamburger Joe’s another hit for us. They serve burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and fingers. Not only was the price a good deal and the food delicious but the staff was on point with food allergies. I did call ahead for this one, but when I got there the staff was happy to accommodate and had a plan of action for those with food allergies.

I was surprised and happy by all the knowledge that we encountered. There was no place even those that could not accommodate us that showed aggravation or aggression by our asking and inquiring. Everyone took our allergies very seriously throughout the entire trip! Some of those that could not accommodate us even felt badly that they couldn’t. I can honestly say our big win was definitely T Bonz Grill, they went above and beyond and I will definitely be going back for sure!


Love & Hugs,



**please always check with a board certified allergies before consuming any food. Always make an educated decision based on your own research for your own allergies when dining out.**


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