As we all are still in summer mode, back to school is right around the corner. Being a food allergy mom there is much more to prepare than usual. With all we have to prepare, wanting our children to be happy, safe and most importantly feel included. I have always found my son to be more compassionate and kind to other children. I personally feel that is due to his own challenges of having life threatening food allergies. We have had a little help learning that having something different is ok.

Today I am sharing a very special company with you that aligns with children of all disabilities and food allergies.

Someone Special Personalized Books was created by two moms, who are also 7th grade reading teachers in the Chicagoland area. Working with children everyday has shown them the importance of acceptance and kindness at all ages. They want every child to know they are all different and that’s what makes them special and unique. They are on a mission to spread the message of acceptance, awareness, and kindness for all children.

Kate and Heather

Heather is the mom of  Maya and she was born with a rare metabolic condition called Propionic Acidemia (PA). It affects the way her body processes protein. When it came time for Maya to go off to school she was concerned with how to keep her safe, happy, and healthy in school. From her experience as a teacher, she knew how curious kids could be, and how difficult it can sometimes be to find the right words in certain situations. She created a book that included pictures of Maya, her hobbies and interests. Then the book went on to explain PA in kid-friendly terms. When she told Kate about this book and how much Maya, her teacher, and the other students loved it, Kate realized the millions of other children a book like this could help. Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books was born.

Heather Reading


These two incredible, strong moms have made such a difference with their creations for so many children. For a child with any disability or having something “different” these books truly make them feel special. These two moms are making a difference in the world for children one book at a time.

SS Logo


You can visit and read more about them on their website (link above) and their social media platforms

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Stay tuned to Navigating Food Allergies as we continue the journey with Heather and Kate.


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