As with all journeys in life there can be challenges we wish we did not have to face. With that said, we at Navigating Food Allergies decided to share with you all those companies and people that are here to support us in our daily journey with food allergies. We are not alone!

I love finding great resources and foods that are safe, but what is also very important to me is a company that truly believes in the mission to help those families living with food allergies. It is not just about safe food but about innovation, caring, compassion and dedication to love all of us through. These companies we are going to be sharing with you are just those companies with people behind them on a mission to help you.

We are excited to be launching our 8 Weeks of Love Campaign now through November! We will be featuring all these companies that want to help to make life easier for you. Sharing their behind the scenes stories, products that make a difference and some wonderful offers for all of you!

If you want to get a head start you can check out our awesome group of companies at their links below!

Don’t Go Nuts, Nima Sensor, Bitsy Brain Food, Allerbling, The Bloomfield Farms, Wowbutter, Hello Peanut, Dance Like A CupCake, Hodgen Mills, Hillarys Eat Well, Spokin, Izzi B’s Bakery and Eatables.

Keep a look out each day on our social media platforms and every week on our site! Lets love each other through this amazing journey we call Food Allergy Life!!


Love & Hugs,


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