Like most of you we are inundated with carrying all the necessary medications for you food allergic children. My handbag weighs about 50 pounds (or at least feels that way!). I am always looking for a bag that will fit my sons inhaler, epi pens, and other necessary medications, but that is convenient, easy to hand off to dad and one that he likes. I was so thrilled when I came across Pink & Gray at a food allergy conference. Their bags are wonderful, adorable and completely fit our needs! My son loves it and feels special carrying it around, ours is embroidered with his name and has a medical tag.

I am always inspired and admire the strength of the mom’s within the food allergy community, and how they take their situation and turn it into a positive to uplift and help others. Veronica, is one of those mom’s who decided to focus on the positive and turn it into to a way to spread awareness and help others in their journey. I love her inspirational saying “Life is pink!” Of course, into each pink life, a little rain must fall. For us, it’s those medical conditions nobody wants to have. So, PINK & GRAY represents the joy and the struggle. 

Its an honor to share her story and products with you below.



“My name is Veronica, and I am the founder of PINK & GRAY, an online retailer of cute, well made and customizable medical bags, sleeves, cases and tags.

I am a mother of three beautiful girls. Two of my daughters have medical conditions that require multiple emergency medications like epinephrine. And they must be within an arm’s reach at all times. Carrying these medications neatly in my diaper bag was hard enough. Then, once we outgrew our diaper bag, these injectors, bottles, inhalers and other containers always ended up dumped in my purse—not ideal, especially in an emergency.

I realized I needed a small, smartly designed bag to carry all of their meds. I also needed it to have compartments to keep everything secure and in its place should I need to find anything quickly.

Naturally, I wanted something that was also cute and fun. When they were big enough to self-carry, I wanted my girls to be thrilled, never embarrassed. I wanted them to be proud of their bag, and how they advocated for themselves and took control of their conditions. I wanted them to have fun showing it to their friends and talking about the lifesaving medications inside.

So many bags on the market did not fully meet our needs—whether it was their size, compartments or design. I had a hard time finding a bag that was perfect for my kids, with that just-right combination of function + adorable. And if I could let my girls express their personal style, too? Even better. This is how PINK & GRAY was born.”


I hope you take the time to visit Pink & Gray and learn more about what they have to offer! Remember you can customize and personalize too! I am positive you will love your new bag as much as I do!


Love & Hugs,




***all opinions expressed are my own***

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