Welcome!  Navigating food allergies can be a daunting task.  Finding a doctor, shopping for safe food, discovering allergy aware schools, and searching for fun and exciting activities that are food allergy friendly can be a full time job.

If your child is allergic to certain foods, and you’ve had difficulty navigating food allergy life, then this website is for you. It’s written for food allergic families, by families, across the United States.

Navigating Food Allergies is a website designed to be a local resource for all things food allergy related. Cities across the country will have a local parent serve as the administrator for their region and  provide an authentic voice, real-life experiences, and first hand knowledge of how to navigate their community with a food allergic child.

We offer:

• Current food allergy related information

• Local social connections

• Interviews with local businesses that cater to the food allergy community

• Information about allergy-related businesses and products

• Blogs by food allergic families

• Allergy-friendly restaurant and attractions database.

• Monthly Event Calendar for Food Allergy Families

• Local Resources Support Groups, Allergists and Workshops

New York City will be the first region to launch, with many cities to follow.  Whose idea was NFA?  Manhattanite Cari Gelber created this website after her three year-old son was diagnosed with a life-threatening peanut allergy. Immediately following the diagnosis, she discovered food allergic children have significant needs that are typically an invisible demographic. She figured that if New York City had little or no resources to access, then there was likely a gap across the country as well.

In January 2015, Cari became the leader of the No Nuts Moms NYC Chapter, a support group connecting with over 100 parents in a private Facebook group in only a couple of days. It was then that she realized, there was an immediate need for something on a larger scale.   “NFA will help parents feel less isolated while managing their child’s allergies, connect them with necessary resources, and heighten awareness regarding food allergies across the nation,”  Cari said. “I hope you check out our website and its mission.”

I wanted to take this time to formally introduce myself. My name is Pamela Fernandez, I live in Putnam County, NY and have a 7-year-old boy named Matthew with multiple life threatening food allergies. We also have a fish named “Finney” and a cat named “Syracuse” We love spending our days swimming, walking and finding adventures that include safe treats! I have spent the last 6 years within the food allergy community and advocating. I became a NNMG support group leader as well as an advocate in my community and school district in 2015. I have led fundraisers within my community for FAACT and on a national level for Food Allergy Awareness Month.

I have been working with Cari since the birth of Navigating Food Allergies and what amazing journey this has been. The support we have received has been just incredible, and each day I am filled with passion to advocate and do more than ever to help adults, children and families navigate their way through life with food allergies

It is an honor to announce that I am taking over the reigns here at NFA and I couldn’t be more excited for this next phase with this company.  I will continue this mission with integrity and the grace as it has always been here at NFA.

I want to thank everyone who has worked with us, supported us and shared our message. I look forward to the continued support and all of the new and upcoming things we are working on to share on NFA!

Stay Tuned….

Best Wishes,



If you are interested in becoming an administrator in your region please contact us!

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